Best ways to ease breastfeeding for all the first-time mothers

03 Aug 2018

Best ways to ease breastfeeding for all the first-time mothers

It’s the World Breastfeeding week!!

 Motherhood is a blessing, and so is Breastfeeding. The mutual bond that develops with the baby and the mother is through the breastfeeding. The tender touch of the baby on the mother rejuvenates every mother. For every new mother, it is indeed difficult to find a better way to feed the baby comfortably. Breastfeeding time is the best time a mom and the baby get to watch each other and bond with each other.

But for a new mom, struggling to get to the normalcy of managing a baby in hand and taking care of herself in the first few months. For the baby feeding is important. Initially, even there are mums who are amateur in even handling a baby. The soft tenderness of babies makes every mom assume that if they hold them tight, they will be squeezed. First few hours of motherhood will be trying all the ways to keep the baby still with their head and neck steady. Moms find out the best way out to do the same. It is the same with the breastfeeding, one needs to try and tested methods to get the knack of the same. Mums need to come up with a position that is equally comfortable for the moms as well as the babies.

Take a look at these excellent tips, new mums that will ease your effort in breastfeeding.

Take essential body support

The first step of being a mom is to prioritize your health first, as you need to be strong to support your baby. Over Straining your body is not good for you as well as the baby. Always ensure you have enough body support so that you don’t strain much holding the baby while breastfeeding. Either choose a comfy chair, or a corner of your couch, which has enough firm back and an armrest.

While breastfeeding it is important to notice that, the nipple and the black area surrounding it comfortably inside the baby’s mouth, to ease latching. In a way, it also forestalls the problem of cracked nipples, which are quite common.

Change your positions often

Do not go for a single position, while feeding. As you feed regularly in a single position, your arms, legs and back become sore. Just whatever position you find yourself comfortable, check that the baby's neck and head are held firmly in your arms. Cradling or crossing the arms in the traditional way is perfect, but take up only a comfortable space to relax. Some mums prefer to hold a pillow for support and even a folded blanket.

The famous positions that a mum can try for nursing are:

  • ·         Crossover hold
  • ·         Cradle hold
  • ·         Side-lying position
  • ·         Using breastfeeding pillows
  • ·         Reclining position

In the reclining position, ensure that the baby need not struggle to reach your breast. Hence provide sufficient support. Swaddling the baby or just holding a baby in the right position helps you nurse them well. Ensure you keep the nipples between your fingers held like a V-shape to help the baby suck the nipples well.

 Cracked nipples use an ointment

As the baby starts teething, it is quite common, they bite, which leads to cracked nipples. Check with your doctor and get ointments and apply them regularly. With natural ones, mums can get relief from the pain and continue feeding the baby regularly.

 Breastfeeding is essential for the baby’s growth. Ensure that as mums, every woman feeds their own child. Keep yourself relaxed, which will also make your feeding time pleasurable. The more you feed, the more latching happens. Breastfeeding is every mum and every baby’s right. Cherish it!!

 Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!

Pic Courtesy : News18