Black Tea, Green Tea finally here comes Blue Tea

06 Aug 2018

Black Tea, Green Tea finally here comes Blue Tea

Gone are the days of Black Tea, Green Tea, here now we have the blue tea, Medically proven complete health supportive Tea for everyone. Have you ever heard of Blue Tea?  Here take a look at the various health benefits of Blue tea, which is obtained from the Butterfly pea flower ( ‘Shangupushpam’ in Malayalam). A flower of a climber plant which is widely found in Kerala. The beauty of the flower is indeed an impelling factor and so is the taste and overall benefits it provides.

The benefits of Blue Tea are as follows :

Anti Oxidant – It is said that Blue Tea has greater antioxidant property compared to any other Tea. Ageing and preventing any kind of attack by poisonous substances can be barred using blue tea.

Anti Diabetic – it is found that having a cup of blue tea just after food can reduce the blood sugar level. Any kind of infections on diabetic patients as well as heart-related illnesses can be reduced to a greater amount. 

Hair and Skin: Blue Tea is considered to be anti-oxidant which is beneficial for hair and skin wellness. Consuming blue tea will bring a charm to the skin and shiny hair. The vitamins contained in the blue tea works on the skin texture and bring softness and brightness to it. 

Brain Development: Blue tea can stimulate the brain functioning and enhance the brain activities. Butterfly pea has been identified as a brain stimulator earlier too. 

Anti-Depressant: The power antioxidant nature of the Blue tea is an ideal anti-depressant. 

Resistance to Cancer: The consumption of blue tea regularly helps the body to be more resistive to cancer and other problems. 

Aphrodisiac: Blue Tea is also traditionally used for treating women’s menstrual problems as well as white discharges in the vagina.

Improves focus and cognitive power: Bleu tea can enhance the cognitive functions like memory, motivation etc. 

Increases the production of urine: Blue Tea is Diuretic, hence increases the urine production lowering blood pressure.

Pain reliever: Blue tea is analgesic as it has the power to reduce pain and swellings.

Butterfly pea plants are one among the plants which contain cyclotides, which are actually lethal to cancer or tumour cells. With its immense properties, butterfly pea plant flower can act on several organs and be beneficial in preventing any diseases. Scientists are researching with the possibilities of treatment with Butterfly pea plant. 

Pic courtesy: Times Now