Do you prefer to stand a lot? Then good news, Standing is also an ideal exercise

18 Sep 2018

Do you prefer to stand a lot? Then good news, Standing is also an ideal exercise

Walking or jogging precisely cause or stimulate fat burning as you sweat. Hence movement institutes exercise. But with merely Standing, does it really count as an exercise? 

Good News!!

Standing is also an exercise, let us just walk through the benefits of standing – YES Just merely standing.


Fat tends to burn as you stand: Sitting is not great for the metabolism if you seek an ideal metabolism. It is proven that, as you stand, your metabolism improves, and your body starts to burn fat, which gets stored more often as you sit. Studies prove that the enzymes that are responsible for the metabolism become idle as we sit and gets stimulated the more we stand.

Disease prevention:  Benefits of standing are numerous: It improves the blood circulation, improves the cholesterol levels and fat levels as well as controls the blood sugar level.

Why does standing burns calories?

As compared to sitting, the more you stand, you are working on your muscles, abdomen and the butt. In a way, you are unknowingly working out hence standing causes burning calories.

So, does that mean that one can stop walking and start standing instead to lose weight?

No, standing does not replace the benefits of walking.

Walking indeed can burn more calories as compared to standing. It is found that for an average adult, sitting can burn around 130 calories in an hour, though the deposition of fat counts more, whereas while standing around 190 calories per hour gets burned. Walking benefits cannot be replaced though as walking tends you lose around 320 calories on the other hand.

Yet, in these busy schedules, walking is never possible most of the time, hence standing benefits.

So how do you do it right?

If you are in a job, that requires much of sitting, then opt to stand up, every 30 minutes and stand for at least 10 minutes.

 Other alternatives

  • One can look out for a standing desk, and incorporate the same in your office, to stand more often.
  • Walk and talk and loiter around, in conference calls, using a headset rather than sitting.
  • If you are into watching more TV, watch while standing, even though it is not so convenient.
  • Prefer wearable devices that will facilitate movements rather than constrain you at one place.


Happy Standing !!!

Pic Courtesy: Medium