Now the 'kiki' challenge is to clean the railway station

10 Aug 2018

Now the 'kiki' challenge is to clean the railway station

The senior Railway Protection Force official ordered three men to clean the local railway station for three consecutive days and also inform passengers to desist from stunts like the Kiki challenge as a punishment to their act.The official said that, “The railway court ordered that the three men would clean all platforms of Vasai station from 11am to 2pm and then, between 3pm to 5pm, will create awareness among commuters of the dangers of stunts like the Kiki challenge”.

PC : Mid day

Their  Kiki challenge was to  jump out of a moving vehicle and dance to a Canadian rapper Drake's song “In My Feelings”. The video had a view of  over 1.5 lakhs people after a week of it's upload and this had gone viral on social media.  The video, shot by Shyam Sharma (24), Dhruv (23) and Nishant (20) at Western Railway’s Vasai station were the three men to charge the punishment.

The official said, these men were arrested under sections of Indian Railway Act, section 145 B (indecency or nuisance), 154 (endangering safety of passengers, 147 (entering railway premises or damaging property) ) and 156 (performing stunts) , he said. The three men were also asked to submit the videos of their clean up work and the awareness campaign. Court would decide further punishments if any after this.