Tips to battle the jeopardies of deskbound lifestyle

09 Oct 2018

Tips to battle the jeopardies of deskbound lifestyle

As today is more of technology-oriented living, ourlifestyle has drastically changed from the so-called moving lifestyle to asingle deskbound one, where we are more accustomed to getting things done rightfrom our desk. You want to buy groceries, you can buy it right away throughyour mobile, or be it anything from shopping to every mini task has becomeconfined to the 5” inch screens. Moreover, with these sedentary lifestyles, weare confining to more junk and fast food which is again becoming a risk to thebody.

It is time to ditch the couch, chairs etc. and walk out andenjoy a blissful life. Researches have shown that around 10 per cent of thedeath is bound to these sedentary lifestyles. With these inactive lifestyles,the lack of physical activity is triggering many lifestyle diseases that arethe trending diseases of this 21st century.

What are these lifestyle diseases?

Health experts are pinpointing these sedentary lifestyles tobe the root cause of all the illness that is prevailing in the currentgenerations. Lack of exercise and stress causing a havoc to the human body. Thelifestyle is moulding into something where people are glued to the chairs andaccustomed to junk foods and unhealthy diets leading to obesity and otherhigh-profile diseases like cholesterol, diabetics etc.

Sedentary lifestyle leading to obesity in kids and adults

Obesity is a major problem that is affecting kids. Blametheir inactive and packed lifestyle and the junk foods that we end up feedingthem. Most of the kids are packed with studies and extra classes, hardly 3 outof 5 may be involved in any physical activities. Like adults, they too get usedto the inactivity and slouch around the couch all along.

How to motivate yourself and kids to do exercise?

 Give importance to what exactly your child wants: It isfound that most of the kids might not like sports. So, forcing them to dosomething, they don’t like, is not the right way. Choose something that isliked by them, be it dancing, aerobics, or maybe cycling.  Majorly focus on what they would like to do.

Cut short screen time: Let your child explore and playrather than be glued to the screen all along. It is obvious that kids areoverburdened in school and other extra studies that they find a resort in TVfor a while to relax.  There is no harmin them watching TV, but ensure they are not for prolonged hours.

Be their role model: Children learn from adults, hence ensure you are doing right before youtell them to do.

 There are much more diseases to which we are silentlyplunging our body into with our deskbound lifestyle. All you must do is justmakeshift a few things that will help you for a longer term.

1.    Enrol into adance class, aerobics, gym, or even just walk around for few hours at least for6 days a week.  All these activitiesimprove you are cardiovascular and help you battle the obesity.

2.    Start movingmore: opt to walk if you are going for a shorter distance.

3.    Let thecommercial breaks be your exercise time.

4.    While on call,prefer to walk around.

5.    Clean your houseon your home. Believe it or not, even just dusting around and cleaning yourhome is also a wonderful exercise.

6.    Avoid the glassroom meetings and take the meetings outside and walk around while discussing.

7.    Be goaloriented: Fitness trackers are the ideal way to track your fitness and motivateyou to walk around.

8.    Choose fitnessbuddies: One alone is boring, hence choose a buddy to give your fitness acompetitive edge.

Things to be done, if are at a desk all along.

Most of our office goers, hence always a deck. Here we havea few tips for such people.

 Chair Gomukhasana: Hours of sitting can make you slouch, which may lead to stiffness ofshoulders. Gomukhasana is an incredible way to exercise while on the chair.  Extend your right arm up towards the sky,then touch the centre of your back. Again, take your right hand to the bottomand then try touching the centre of your back from the bottom. Try even holdingthe arms together for at least 10 seconds.

Work on your glutes: Prolonged sitting can cause to loosen the glutes muscles. Hence pushyour heels on to the floor, while sitting as if you are pushing into the floor.Simultaneously squeeze your butt very hard. Do it every five seconds.

Squeeze your shoulders: Squeeze your shoulders as if, youare squeezing something amidst it. Alongside stretch your neck by moving thetwo of your head towards the ceiling. This will improve your posture.

 Get rid of your desk, or couch or bed, and get yourself intothe path of a healthy lifestyle.

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