Try out these beauty nicks, that lets you wake up flawless

08 Oct 2018

Try out these beauty nicks, that lets you wake up flawless

Had a tiring day?

As soon as you see the bed, you are off to collapse on it and sink into deep repose. Carrying forward the tiredness you had all day before into sleep and then waking up like a mess. It is said that, when we sleep, our body gets repaired. Sleep reinvigorates the body quite well, better than any other quick tips. 

 It is quite common, let us check out a few quick tips to work on your weary look and make you look perfect in the morning. 

1.    Sleep masks: Like the face masks, sleep masks can also make you look better. Stop slathering all those wrinkle free creams and anti-ageing ones. Just get your beauty sleep and wear a sleep mask over other than the moisturiser you apply regularly. Vitamin E supposed to be something that cleanses the skin, hence applying those would be good too. 

2.    Wear a sock: Dry, cracked feet, is a major problem for most women. Put a profuse amount of Vaseline and then cover your feet with a sock. In this way, the skin absorbs the Vaseline and lets the skin heal it automatically.

3.    Ruck up:  Lovely kissable lips, are magnificent to look at. Get your glossy lips, with little almond oil. Just exfoliate them and apply these to let it rehydrate before you are off to bed. 

4.    Nails: As you move around your hands to point, support your gestures and talks, your fingers never go unnoticed. Hence just take care of your nails a little more. Apply some essential oil around the nails and cuticles, it will keep them shiny and healthy.

5.    Eyelashes: Eyes nevertheless are ignored when you have luscious eyebrows to flaunt. It is just an old one, but a worthy one to try every night. Emptied mascara bottle can be used to fill in little almond oil and with the brushes one can apply it slowly on the eyebrows, to get a better eyebrow. 

With this simple, a worth taking tips, all you get is a better glowing and rejuvenated you in the morning. These simple beauty hacks can make you look better always. 

Image Credits: Justawoman