Waking up with Morning Anxiety, Here are few tips for you to wake up right

10 Aug 2018

Waking up with Morning Anxiety, Here are few tips for you to wake up right

Most of us are addicted to sleeping even when the alarm rings. There are none in the world who doesn’t crave an extra five minutes of sleep when the Alarm rings in the ears. Even if we sleep, the time doesn’t wait for us, and finally, we wake up panicking and kick-start the day with hustle and bustle. Our extra five-minute sleep put us deprived with few hours of delay.  Some people get a sense of fear waking up in the morning, this is termed as Morning Anxiety.

Most of us, wake from bed anxiety stricken, as our brain has an ideal nature to resurface all the yesterdays’ worries as soon as we are awake. But there are people who wake up in the normal pace and ace up for their day fresh and happy. There are others, who wake up sleep deprived full of stress and weakness. Most of this anxiety problem occurs when our body is needing rest or some hormonal variations.  Skimping sleep just leaves us with an ample amount of stress, which our brain cannot cope.

The thought process starting with “what if“, is something that keeps bothering us all along from the time we wake up. The fear of the future or the future tripping is something that scares us more while waking up. The stress level elevates, as we think more on, what we have to do, or what next every time. It is found that people who are focused on the future are so much stricken with morning anxiety.

What they need to quash is the thought about the future and live in the present.

What such people need to do, is to break away from the habit of thinking deeply about the future and then focussing on a few routines that will make the perfect beginning.

Let us take a look at few tips, that will help you suppress the morning anxiety :

1.    Get sufficient sleep: Sleep hygiene is important for anyone who wants to wake up the best way. Avoid screens and gadgets, and ensure you get a sound sleep. Adopt a routine that will help you do so. 

2.    Stop Snoozing your alarm: Wake up at the first ring of your alarm, stop snoozing it. Keeping your alarm for a snooze is more like procrastinating your daily chores. Arises early and begin your routine than doing things in a hurry.

3.    Meditate: Practising meditation before sleep is ideal to soothe the brain activities to put yourself into sleep. A simple breathing exercise is enough to help you do so.

4.    Use Positive avowals: Talk your mind out saying positive things at the beginning of your day. Never leave your bed with a grumpy face. Begin with a positivity to keep your attitude positive all along the day. Even writing something positive, or just scribbling is a good start.

5.    Practice Yoga: An ideal way to relax the body is to stretch. Enjoy a perfect morning with a soulful yoga.

6.    Get out of the bed and move around: Take a brisk walk, or just a stroll outside your home, it will leave you completely enticed. 

7.    Plan ahead: As for moms, who has multiple lunch boxes to pack, plan ahead, so your mornings are never pressurized ones.

Follow these ideal tips, that will make your mornings completely blissful.

Pic courtesy: Brain Wellness Spa